Hey 👋 I'm Amy Tang

I am happiest when creating products that impact real people, and pushing my limits in endurance.

what i do
I work at Twitch 🎥 as a software engineer intern! Earlier in 2021, I interned at Ca$h 🤑 App and headed the tech platform 💻 at a real-estate startup. 🏠 In past summers, I've built data pipelines for AI software and an open-source library for cancer 🧬 research.

why i do
My values are (1) empowering people and (2) mental toughness. I'm deeply passionate about enabling more women in STEM. I try to train like a pro-athlete on the bike 🚲 on Tues + Thurs + Sat!

fun things i'm thinking of
- indoor/outdoor architectural spaces 🌳🍃🌿 and sunset 🌇 skylines
- 💡 of moving to west coast 🌊 this summer ☀️ with my friends
- learning to write a mean sales deck 😎 The greatest sales deck i've ever seen
- reading 📚 Felt Time: The Science of How We Experience Time,80/20 Running: Run Stronger and Race Faster by Training Slower, 👟 Jony Ive: The Genius Behind Apple's Greatest Products 🍎
- listening 🎧 to podcasts on holistic fitness + biz + philosophy. my current favs: TRAINED by Nike, Impact Theory, How I Built This

the links you came for

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